About Welcome Bonuses and Promotions On Online Bookmakers

Bonuses and Freebets

When you sign up to any online betting website for the first time, you will almost certainly receive a bonus of some type. The betting websites are always offering bigger and better bonuses and promotions as they want you to sign up with them. There are many different types of bonuses and promotions to look out for. Here are some of the more common ones.

First Deposit Match Bonus

First Deposit Match Bonus – This is a standard promotion where the amount that you deposit for the first time into your account is “Matched”. For example if your first deposit is $150 dollars then the bookmaker will “Match” your $150 and give you another $150 to gamble with. Of course you can’t immediately “Cash Out” $300! Bookmakers are not stupid!

In order to “cashout” the “Matched” amount you will usually have to place a minimum number of bets or gamble a minimum amount of cash – usually at least equal to the amount of your bonus. For example, in order to cash out your $300 you will need to have gambled at least $150 or more – usually within a certain time.

Match Bets

Match Bets – This promotion is a simple bet where the amount you bet is matched by the bookmaker. For example if you bet $100 then the bookmaker will match your bet of $100 and so your total bet would be $200 on that event. Be careful when you are calculating your winnings however because the bookmakers will only return your winnings without the matched stake. For example if you place $100 on a 3/1 that is matched you might expect your winnings to be $200 x3 + $200 (your $100 stake + the bookmaker’s $100 stake) = $800 but you would in fact receive $200 x3 + $100 (Your stake only) = $700

Out and Out Free Bet

Out and Out Free Bet – This is similar to a match bet but in this case your free bet is usually of equal value to the deposit you made. You can then place that free bet on almost anything you like. Again, like the match bet, be sure to calculate it correctly – you will not get the stake back with your winnings – remember it’s FREE so you are effectively gamble nothing but receive the winnings so of course you get the winnings but not the original stake included!

Double and Triple Odds

Double and Triple Odds – Instead of giving you free bets or matching bets some bookmakers will double or triple their odds on certain events instead. For example if Real Madrid are “Evens” to win a soccer match then the bookmaker may pay out 2 to 1 or even 3 to 1. In this way you can double or triple your winnings which can be highly profitable.

Refund Offer

Refund Offer – A refund offer is an offer that encourages punters to gamble on an event that they might not normally bet on or might be too difficult for a lot of people to predict or the bookmaker would like to attract gambling on the event away from its competitors. It works by stating that specific bets on the event will be refunded if something does or does not happen in the event.

For example, they may say “All correct score bets refunded if it finishes 0-0”. This encourages punters to gamble on a correct score (e.g. 2-1) as they have some extra insurance because if it does finish 0-0 they will get their full stake returned so the risk is minimized.

Always make sure that you check the rules about the bonuses and promotions that are offered. You may have to wait some time to receive your bonus, or you may have to gamble a certain amount or deposit a certain amount to receive the bonus advertised. You may have to gamble on a specific event or within a month of your deposit. Always make sure you understand what you are allowed to do or have to do to receive the bonus before making a deposit.

The Welcome bonus is just a gift(or attraction) from bookmakers, so don’t be attached too much. However, it is also a chance, so if you bet smart when you started betting, you can get extra cash more than your deposited amount. Let’s enjoy the online sports betting more with bonuses!

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