Accumulators and Perms to win cups and leagues – Betting Strategy #1

Accumlators and Perms - Betting Strategy 1

There are some football leagues and cup competitions around the world where just one or two teams win season after season. In the Scottish Premiership it is Celtic, in the Danish Superliga it is FC Copenhagen and in the Swiss Super league it is either Basel or FC Zurich.

Use “Accumulator” and “Permutations”

This situation means we can make money – especially if we place these teams in “accumulators”. An accumulator bet is where the winnings of the first bet is added with the original stake to a second bet and when that wins it is added to a third bet and so on. A five bet accumulator is called a “five-fold”. If you choose more than five selections – let’s say eight selections then you can have more five-fold bets, in this case – fifty six – and these are called “permutations”.

Permutations are any combination of bets available within the selections. Permutations also allow for a loss too. So if one selection loses from the 8 selections, although the number of permutations would go down you can still win.

Check the outright odds before the season begins

Before the football season begins, the bookmakers will offer ante-post odds on teams to win their respective leagues. The odds may be somewhat “short” however this is almost irrelevant for two reasons – one is that “a winner is a winner” regardless of the price offered and secondly, because it is a winner, it will contribute greatly to the overall return from a, five, six, seven or eight fold accumulator. The number of leagues available around the world to gamble on allows for these teams to be included in accumulators and permutation type bets.

To make money we simply select the one or two teams that always win each season from eight leagues and place them in a number of permutation style bets.

For example we may choose teams from the following leagues:

League Team
Scotland Celtic
Belgium Anderlecht / Club Brugges
Swiss Basel / Zurich
Denmark FC Copenhagen
Spain Real Madrid / Barcelona
Portugal Benfica / Porto
Ukraine Shaktar Danestsk / Dynamo Kiev
Austria Redbull Salzburg / Austria Wien

The type of bets we do next are permutation bets of 5, 6, 7, and 8 fold accumulators. These are broken down in the following way:

From eight selections there are:

56 x Five folds

28 x Six folds

8 x 7 folds

1 x Accumulator

Look at what these bets would return based on the eight selections for the League winners listed above at combined odds of the very short “4/6 on” and a 50 pence stake is placed for each bet if all the selections win:

(Half a point or 50p)

5-Fold (56 bets)   £28.00 (56 bets of £0.50)   Return = £360.08
6-Fold (28 bets)   £14.00 (28 bets of £0.50)   Return = £300.07
7-Fold (8 bets)   £4.00 (8 bets of £0.50)   Return = £142.89
Accumulator (1 bet)   £0.50 (1 bet of £0.50)   Return = £29.77
93 Bets Stake Total = £46.50   Return = £832.81

So what does this mean? – It means that for £42 if all the teams win, you would return £660 and if you add another £4.50 to the £42 to place the 7-fold bets and the 8-fold accumulator then you could return £830!
Please not that for this scheme to be profitable betting on the 5 to 8-folds at least seven teams must win:

If seven selections win:

5-Fold (56 bets)   £28.00 (56 bets of 0.50)   £135.03
6-Fold (28 bets)   £14.00 (28 bets of 0.50)   £75.02
7-Fold (8 bets)   £4.00 (8 bets of 0.50)   £17.86
Accumulator (1 bet)   £0.50 (1 bet of 0.50)   £0.00
93 Bets Stake Total = £46.50   Return = £227.91

You still return a profit of over 300%!
If six selections win you would still get your money back.

Six win:

5-Fold (56 bets)   £28.00 (56 bets of 0.50)   £38.58
6-Fold (28 bets)   £14.00 (28 bets of 0.50)   £10.72
7-Fold (8 bets)   £4.00(8 bets of 0.50)   £0.00
Accumulator (1 bet)   £0.50 (1 bet of 0.50)   £0.00
93 Bets Stake Total = £46.50   Return = £49.30

Because Celtic and Copenhagen always win the league you only need four of the other six teams to win which they almost always do and when they all win you bring in a tidy sum merely for putting “odds on favorites” into a permed accumulator. You can also do the same for cup competitions which are even more profitable because the odds offered are always higher for these teams in cups – ironic considering to win a cup the team only has to win five or six matches! If you would like to insure against this accumulator you simply place a cover bet on the second team to win the league – for example if you have Real Madrid in your accumulator you simply place a cover bet on Barcelona.

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