‘Basic Knowledge’

Asian Handicap Betting Guide

Asian Handicap Betting Guide – Detail Explained and Results Table

Category:Football Betting

The “Asian” handicap works in exactly the same way as standard or European “handicap” betting but uses both half points …Read More

Soccer match betting odds explained

Football betting odds explained [For individual matches]

Category:Football Betting

There are three types of Match Betting Markets, there are the “results” markets, the “statistics” markets and the “In-Play” or …Read More

Soccer betting odds for competitions guide

Football betting odds explained [For leagues and cup competitions]

Category:Football Betting

As seen in the Soccer Betting Overview you can place thousands of bets on soccer matches and competitions from all …Read More

football betting guide

Football(Soccer) Betting Guide – Markets and Odds Explained

Category:Football Betting

Before you begin to make bets on Soccer, you will need to understand the Soccer betting market. The “market” simply …Read More

betting odds format guide

Sports Betting Odds Terms and Formats Explained

Category:Basic Knowledge

To understand how gambling works you must learn and understand what “Odds” are and how they work. Punters use “Odds” …Read More

Bonuses and Freebets

About Welcome Bonuses and Promotions On Online Bookmakers

Category:Basic Knowledge

When you sign up to any online betting website for the first time, you will almost certainly receive a bonus …Read More

how to withdraw from your online betting account

How to Cash Out From Your Account

Category:Basic Knowledge

When you have won your bet(s) and gained a substantial profit from them you are definitely going to want to …Read More

how to deposit into your online betting account

How to Deposit Into Your Betting Account

Category:Basic Knowledge

Depositing funds into your online betting account is easy, but in order to get started in betting quickly, you need …Read More

how to open an online betting account

How to Open an Online Betting Account

Category:Basic Knowledge

Opening a betting account is as easy as it possibly can be these days. After choosing the bookmaker you want …Read More

how to choose an online bookmaker

How to choose an online bookmaker

Category:Basic Knowledge

As a new punter (person who gambles), there are hundreds of websites where you can gamble on sports, casino games …Read More

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