Football betting odds explained [For leagues and cup competitions]

Soccer betting odds for competitions guide

As seen in the Soccer Betting Overview you can place thousands of bets on soccer matches and competitions from all over the world. Here, we go into more detail about the bets mentioned in the Soccer Betting Overview and what they each mean with the odds generally offered.

For Leagues

Team A “to win outright”

This bet is used when you want to choose the team you think will win the League. Generally, the odds will be “short” for the favorites because these days it is usually only three or four teams that have a realistic chance of winning the league.

For example to win the Spanish League with William Hill on 6th October 2016:

Barcelona 10/11
Real Madrid 13/8
Athletico Madrid 9/2
Sevilla 150/1

You will also see “E/W” or “Each Way” – this means you can place a bet so that if the team does not win but comes 2nd or 3rd or even 4th (depending on the bookmaker) you can still “win”. Each way bets work like this:

An “each way” bet is actually TWO bets. One bet is for “First” the second bet is for “First, Second, Third, Fourth”.

For example:

Sevilla to win @150/1 Each Way $75

This is basically:

Sevilla to win @150/1 – Stake $75
Sevilla to come 1st,2nd,3rd,or 4th $75
Total Stake = $150

But the bookmakers will usually pay out one quarter (1/4) of the odds if the team finishes in 1st 2nd 3rd or 4th.

So if Sevilla finish 2nd , 3rd or 4th:

Sevilla to win @150/1 – Stake $75 – LOSE
Sevilla to come 1st,2nd,3rd,or 4th $75 – WIN at 1/4 the odds

$75 x (150/4) = $75 x 37.5 = 2737.50 + $150 = 2887.50

If Sevilla win then:

$75 x 150 = $11250


$75 x (150/4) = $75 x 37.5 = 2737.50 + $150 = 2887.50

So the total return is $14212.50

“Top Goal Scorer” markets work in exactly the same way.

Teams A & B to finish 1st & 2nd Forecasts

A “Forecast” bet is when you predict the “order” of the teams that will finish. So if you think Manchester City will win the League and Manchester United will finish second then you can bet on that order. Bookmakers usually offer this market at the start of the season but not during the season.

A reverse forecast is when you make two forecast bets but you would only win one bet if either order finished.

For example:

Manchester City / Manchester United Reverse Forecast

So if Manchester United finish first and Manchester City finish second you would win or if Manchester City finish first and Manchester United finish second you would win.

Top Goal Scorer Forecasts and Reverse Forecasts work in exactly the same way.

Team A to win outright and Player A to finish Top Goal Scorer

This is called a “Double” bet. You can also combine bets from different markets. The bookmakers will often offer a Top Goal Scorer and Win the League bet so you can place a “double” bet (See Soccer Betting Overview). You can also place double bets from different leagues – For example if you think that Barcelona will win La Liga and Manchester City will win The Premier League then you can combine them into a double bet: “Manchester City & Barcelona to win league Double”

Team A to finish in the Top 6 places of the league

If you don’t think a team will win the league but will still finish in the “Top 6” you can bet on that team to do that. Of course the odds are much shorter:

For example:

Arsenal 1/25
Liverpool 1/25
Man Utd 1/10
Leicester 15/2
Crystal Palace 25/1
Bournemouth 35/1
Swansea 90/1
Stoke 90/1
Sunderland 100/1

Team A to get “relegated” (to go down to the division below)

If you believe a team will get relegated or finish bottom you can bet on that in the same way you would bet to win the league. Here you are betting that a team will “Lose” the league instead of “Win” the league!

Burnley 4/6
Sunderland 8/11
Hull 10/11
Swansea 6/4
West Brom 6/1

Team A to finish above Team B

Some bookmakers will offer “Specials” or “fun” bets where people can bet on their team to beat their rivals and finish above them in the League. These are typically “matched” and the odds offered are similar to match betting odds.

For example:

Liverpool 1/3 Everton 6/4
Arsenal 1/3 Tottenham 6/4

For Cup Competitions

To win outright & Each way

This works in exactly the same way as betting on the winners of the league:

For example:

Man City 6/1
Man Untd 13/2
Chelsea 7/1
Arsenal 8/1
Liverpool 9/1
Tottenham 12/1
Everton 20/1
Leicester 20/1

To finish Runners up

Basically an Each way bet without the win bet included.

To reach the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th round, quarter final, Semi-final, Final

Very similar to the “Finish in the Top 6” bet. You don’t believe the team will win the cup but will reach a specific round before being eliminated.

Top Goal Scorer & each way

Exactly the same as Top Goalscorer in the League.

Top goal scorer and winners doubles

Exactly the same as the “Top Goal Scorer and Win the League” Doubles market.


You can bet on variety odds like above for leagues and cup competitions. The most popular one is the “To win outright” market that is explained first on this page. If you have favorite team and wagered their odds, you might get more excitement than usual until end of the season. Bookmaker offers this odds before league or cup competitions start. You can bet anytime when the bookmaker offers the odds , but the value is changing while the season progress. We recommend that bet on this odds before the season started , because the value is the highest and you will get large profit if your team win !

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