Sports Betting Guide For Beginners

Welcome to BetPlanet’s Betting Guide!

So now that you are ready to create more excitement in your life – you are now ready to start betting on your favorite team or player the next time you are watching them. Our guide will help you to place your first bet on the team or player of your favorite sport.

In order to begin betting on-line, regardless of the sport or type of betting you would like to do, you will need to understand and learn some of the basics of how betting works. By following our guide to betting you could place your first bet today!

Our betting guide helps you…

– understand exactly what a bookmaker “is” and “does” and how they make money.
– understand what a bet is and how it works
– understand the basic terms and phrases used by bookmakers e.g. “odds” “stake” “evens” etc.
– understand “odds”
– understand how to place a bet
– understand how to calculate how much you might win
– understand how to open an online betting account
– understand how to make a deposit into your betting account
– understand how to collect your winnings

Our betting guide will give you advice about

– how to choose an on-line bookmaker
– how to get bonuses and benefit from promotions

Once you have understood the basics and have placed your first bet, you will be ready to move on to our advanced betting guide which will help you…

understand Favorite bets
understand Multiple bet gambling
understand Accumulator betting
understand Permutation betting
understand Live betting
understand Forecast / Tricast betting
understand Rare bets
understand % bets

Once you have decided which bets suit your preferences you are probably now looking to gather tips and create strategies to accommodate your betting style.
Our tips and advice guide gives advice on…

When to place bets
When not to place bets
When to delay placing a bet
When to bet on favorites
When not to bet on favorites
How to benefit from % bets
When to avoid % bets
How to benefit fully from Permutation bets
How to identify streaks
Helpful stats

Thank you for using our guide to help you become a great winner on this incredible on-line betting planet.

The BetPlanet team wish you good luck and happy winnings!

Starting Guide

We explained about details of how to get started in online sports betting in pages below.

Gambling guide for each sport

These pages are an overview of betting for each sport.

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