Tennis “IN-PLAY” Betting Odds Details Explained

Tennis Inplay Betting

In-game tennis betting is fast and furious. With points being scored so quickly and games starting and finishing in minutes the betting industry and on-line bookmakers must work very hard to keep up with the action and this sometimes can lead to “mistakes” being made by the bookmakers which can lead to heavy profits for the punters. Some punters like to wait for these or look for “value” in the markets during in-game play while others like to gamble as they would on dice, cards or the roulette wheel. Different punters have different ways but whichever you prefer, you will never be bored while gambling on-line with in-game tennis matches!

What is in-game tennis betting?

In-game tennis betting is where you can make bets while the game, the set and the match are in progress. Because the serve changes every game and the players change ends every two games (except the first service game of the set) there is often a lot of betting activity between games and sets. Because there are many changes that can happen during a game and the performance of different players changes a lot during a tennis game the market and the odds also change a lot during the game.

How does in-game tennis betting work?

Before the match, the on-line bookmakers will have various markets for the result of both the match (the winner and loser) and the statistics – for example “How many sets will be played?” But as the match is playing the odds will change too.

For example:

If the favorite for the match started with short odds (1/16) and he or she wins the first 3 games of the first set then his or her odds will become even shorter (1/50) while the other player’s odds will become longer. But, if the losing player suddenly wins the next 6 games and the set then the odds will “swing” or move dramatically as people start to gamble on that player to win the next set or the match. When this happens, the original favorite for the match might not be favorite any more – he may then be (4/1) for example. The odds simply “reflect” how the game is going for either player at that time.

You can bet on the tennis match when the market is “live” so it is sometimes called “live” betting but in reality because the points are played so quickly, and the games sometimes end in minutes – the markets are “closed” during an actual game and then re-opened or “Live” during the breaks between games (between service games or players’ breaks). At those times you can place your bets in between each game NOT actually during the service game.

What are the in-game tennis markets?

These are the typical in-play betting odds that the almost bookmaker offers for tennis matches.

For the match

Win / Lose the match – During the match you just continue betting on who you think will win or lose the match.

For the sets

Win / Lose the current set – As the set is being played you can choose who will win it right up to tie-breakers.

Win / Lose the next set – After the first set you can choose who will win the next set, after the second set you can choose who will win the third.

To win the current set and win the match – Similar to pre-match betting where the punter can choose to win the first set and win the match.

To win the current set and lose the match – For those who believe in reverses

To lose the current set and win the match – Another for those who believe in reverses

For the games

Win / Lose the next game
To win the game Serve – Love – This bet is made when you believe the server will win the game without the other player scoring a point
To lose the game to Serve – Love – This is when you think the receiver will “break” the serve without the server scoring a point
To go to Deuce – When you think the game might get to “Deuce”
To win with advantage – When you think the player will win but only after getting to “Deuce”
To break serve – The player will break the opponent’s serve – beat the opponent who is serving.
To Hold serve – The player will “hold” his serve – beat his opponent while serving.

Where can I gamble on in-game tennis?

Most top online bookmakers offer in-game tennis betting, so check your bookmaker’ website.


In-game tennis betting is one of the most exciting and profitable betting for punters in sports betting. It is because two reason. Firstly , tennis is individual sport , so match result depends on players skill differences clearly. In other words, the favorite player(Higher rank player) usually win against the underdog(Lower rank player). So , you can predict more easier than team play sports.

Secondly, in-game tennis betting odds are settled quickly. Especially game betting odds (ex. next game win) result determine within ten minutes. If you bet on it and win , then you get profit even though the match still progress. This means that you have a lot of chances that getting money while watching the match. If you win a lot of time in the match, you would be surprised at increased your account balance when the match finished!

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