F1 Betting Odds List – What kind of odds bookmaker offered?

F1 betting odds explained

Online bookmakers offer F1(Formula One) betting odds during the race season that is March to November. The various of offered odds are fewer than other sports. However, all of the F1 odds quite attractive for fans and bettors. Here are some typical betting odds on online bookies, and we explained them. So, if you are interested in F1 betting, read this page before get started.

What betting can I do?

As with all sports you can do “Outright” betting for the whole season and you can bet on individual races during the season. In-running betting is also available. F1 also offers some fantastic specials too!

Outright betting

There are only two outright betting markets for the season in F1 betting:

The Drivers’ Championship – Which driver will win the championship?
The Constructors’ Championship – Which team will win the Constructor’s Championship?

Of course, usually the team that the world champion drives for wins the Constructor’s Championship however this doesn’t always happen.

Look out for value “double bets” (or parlays) in these two markets!

For example:Lewis Hamilton to win The Drivers’ Championship and Ferrari to win The Constructors’ Championship Double. [Hamilton drives for Mercedes]

There are also a few driver bets available at the beginning of the season

Driver A to get “pole” 1/2/3/4/5/6/7 etc. times
Driver A to win 1/2/3/4/5/6/7 etc. races
Driver A to score Above / Below “100” points (the number “100” here is an example)
Driver A to never finish a race!
Driver A to score no points!
Driver A to win the world championship without winning a race!

Race weekend Betting – Qualifying

There are many more betting markets available over the weekend which include many interesting special bets too. The main betting markets for Qualifying are:

Q1 Fastest Driver
Q1 Who will be eliminated?
Q2 Fastest Driver
Q2 Who will be eliminated?
Q3. Who will get pole position?

Race weekend Betting – The Race

For the race the following markets are generally available at most online bookmakers:

Race winner – Each way is usually 1/3 odds placed 1st, 2nd.
Podium Finish – Finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd
Top 6 finish
Points finish – Top 10
Winning Nationality – Which country will the winner come from?
Winning Constructor – Which team will win?
Winning margin – How many seconds, minutes will the winner finish ahead of second place?
Fastest Lap – Which driver will record the fastest lap of the race?
Driver Matches – The bookmakers pair drivers and you can bet on which driver will finish in a higher position.
Team Driver matches – This is a bet on which driver will beat their team-mate in the same team.
Both Team Drivers to score points

Race specials

The number of special bets in F1 betting is high compared to other sports, here are some examples:

Driver A to get “pole” and win the race.
Driver A to get “pole”, fastest lap and win the race
Driver A to get “pole” and finish 2nd.
Driver A to get “pole” and finish outside the points.
Driver A to get “pole” and not finish the race.
Driver A to stall on the grid – Basically not start the race when everyone else does.
Safety car to be used immediately after the first lap.
Safety car to be used 0/1/2/3/4/5 times during the race.
Team A 1-2 – When both cars from the same team finish 1st and 2nd
Driver A to win and Driver B to finish 2nd – A basic “forecast” bet
Driver A to win, Driver B to finish 2nd and Driver C to finish 3rd – A basic “tricast” bet
Driver A to win and Driver B to finish outside the points.
Driver A to DNF – (DNF = Did Not Finish – crashed or car stopped)
First retirement – Which driver will stop first?
First constructor retirement – Which car will stop first?
Number of finishers – How many cars will finish the race?
Driver A to win this race and the next race.
Driver A to get “pole” and win this race and get “pole” and win the next race.
Driver A to win the next 3 races.

Where can I bet on specials?

You can bet on these odds above on online bookmakers. Especially, large bookmakers such as William Hill  offers many special markets more than small competitors.

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