Rugby Betting Guide – How to bet on Rugby Union & Rugby League

Rugby Betting Guide

Rugby gambling online has a good number of markets that offer some great value and opportunities to make profit. There are two types of rugby – Rugby Union and Rugby League. They have slightly different rules and competitions and this means that there are hundreds of matches played on the betting planet all year round with multiple leagues, cups and international competitions in many different countries.

There are also hundreds of markets available from outright betting to match betting to statistics betting to in-game (live) betting.

Like soccer there are also multiple markets available for each half as well as for the whole game. There are also multiple “ante-post” (pre-season) specials and in game specials and bets available for individual performances.

The rugby markets are almost the same as the soccer markets with just different terms and expressions used for basically the same bets. For example Rugby markets will offer a “First Try scorer” instead of a “First Goal scorer” market but it is basically the same bet.

The large amount of games played in a standard season across the world means that accumulator betting is also possible with the chance for big returns – especially as rugby teams appear to be less evenly matched than football or ice-hockey teams.

What’s the biggest market?

In international rugby the most popular rugby union betting markets are probably “The Six Nations” and the “Rugby World Cup” and in club rugby “The European Rugby Champions Cup” which is the “Champions League” for rugby. This is where you can find the most betting markets and the most exciting on-line gambling taking place. There are many national leagues too, in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, France, England, and Welsh, Irish, Scottish and Italian teams for their own league too. The Premiership in England attracts a lot of on-line gambling activity. In terms of Rugby League there are also many markets, all of which are similar to soccer betting markets. Rugby League has a world cup and is most popular in England, Australia and New Zealand and there are online markets offered for matches played in those countries’ competitions.

What is the difference between Rugby Union and Rugby League?

To understand the differences between the two types of rugby is not the purpose of this website, therefore please research elsewhere. In terms of gambling, Rugby Leagues rules are simpler and provide a faster tempo to the game which generally leads to higher scores than rugby union. Whether one is “better” than another is simply based on individual “opinion”.

What markets are available in International Rugby Union (RU) and Rugby League (RL)?

International Outright markets

In terms of general outright betting markets the following popular bets are available:

To win the World Cup (RU & RL)
To win the Six Nations (RU)
To win the Rugby Championship (RU)
The British & Lions Tour (RU)
To win the Test (RU & RL)

Domestic (Home) Rugby Outright markets

In terms of general outright betting markets the following popular bets are available:

To win The Challenge Cup – (RL)
To win the Super League (RL)
To win the NRL (RL)
To win the State of Origin (RL)
To win the European Rugby Champions Cup (RU)
To win the Super Rugby final (RU)
To win the Premiership (RU)
To win the Top 14 (RU)
To win the Currie cup (RU)
To win the Pro12 cup (RU)
To win the Mitre 10 cup (RU)
To win the NRC (RU)

For more details regarding these competitions and the betting markets available within these markets and for other bet types please visit the Rugby Betting In-depth page.

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