Premier league betting tips for week 20 (Dec 26th to Dec 28th 2017)

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Recommended Accumulator

5 fold Accumulator: Tottenham, Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool ALL to Win.

All five teams are heavy “Odds On” favorites [you have to bet more than you would win] so an accumulator is the way to make the bets provide a healthier return.

For this accumulator if all five teams win then a 10 point bet returns 30 points which would make a 20 point profit.

All the teams in this accumulator are at home except for Manchester City and all are in the top 6 of the Premier League. Below you can find some bets that may happen if the accumulator does not happen! 

Tottenham vs Southampton

Handicap Bet

Tottenham (-1) goals and the Draw odds are 3.60 so if the final score is any of Tottenham win 1-0, 2-1, 3-2 or 4-3 then that is a winning bet 

Tottenham (-2) goals and the Draw is 4.20 so if the final score is any of Tottenham win 2-0, 3-1, 4-2, 5-3 then that is a winning bet. 

Of course, if the final result is a Draw (Tie) or Southampton Win then they are all losing bets but can Southampton win at Tottenham? It’s rare.

West Bromwich Albion vs Everton

Correct Score Bet

Everton to win 2-1 @ 11.00 

Handicap Bet

West Bromwich Albion to win with a (-1) goal handicap @ 5.00

West Bromwich Albion have a new manager who is not very good while Everton have a new manager who is quite good but with home advantage this could go either way so we have only two “semi-attractive” bets for this fixture. 

Bournemouth vs West Ham

Double Result

Draw at half time and West Ham Win after Full time is 6.50 
Draw at half-time and Bournemouth win after Full-time is 5.50

Correct Score Bet

The 1-1 Draw is 7.00 as an “insurance” or “cover” bet.

Newcastle vs Manchester City

Outright Bet

Newcastle to win is 11.00 – This is a good value bet if you consider there are only three possible results – a Newcastle Win, a Draw or a Manchester City Win so the “True” odds are 3.00 for each result.  

Double Result

Newcastle winning at Half-time and Manchester City to win the game after Half-time is 26.00

Handicap Bet

Manchester City with (-3) goals and the Draw is 5.50 so if Man City win 3-0 / 4-1 / 5-2 / 6-3 you would win. 

Fun Bet

Maybe Manchester City to win 6-1 @ 67.00

Liverpool vs Swansea

Outright Bet

Swansea to win 1-0 @ 33/1

Score Draw

Draw 1-1 is 15.00 

Liverpool have drawn a lot this season and all their draws at home (except against West Bromwich Albion last week) have been 1-1.

Handicap Bet

Liverpool to win with a (-3) goal handicap is 4.0 so if Liverpool win 4-0, 5-0, 5-1, 6-0, 6-1, 6-2 the bet is a win.

Not the best recommendation but the only one worth looking at in the handicap market if you think about how many goals Liverpool are scoring in one sided games at the moment and they are at home with Swansea struggling both home and away this season.

Chelsea vs Brighton

[Statistics Market] Half of first goal

No goal scored in the first half is 15.00 with Brighton looking difficult to break down while not scoring so many themselves especially away from home.

The first goal to be scored (by either team) in the second half is 4.0

Chelsea to score ONE goal in the first half is 2.40 which is not a bad “insurance” or “cover” bet against the two recommended bets above. 

Watford vs Leicester

Double Result

Watford winning at half time and the Final result is a draw is 15.00 

Watford winning at half time and Leicester win the game is 29.00

Leicester winning at half time and the result is a draw is 15.00

With both teams doing well lately this could go either way but we think a Draw is likely.

Huddersfield vs Stoke

Correct Score

2-2 Draw @ 19.00

With both teams under pressure and struggling to find form we hope for an exciting high score draw.

Manchester United vs Burnley

Outright Bet

Burnley to win is 13.00

This is even more value than the Newcastle vs Manchester City bet. Burnley are in the top 6 or 7, if this was Liverpool, Arsenal or Everton there is no way those teams would be 13.00 to win this game. 

Correct Score Bet

Burnley to win 1-0 is 26.00

If Burnley were to win this game it would most likely be 1-0 than 2-1 or 2-0. 

Crystal Palace vs Arsenal

Correct Score Bet

Arsenal to win 2-0 is 9.00

Arsenal are starting to show consistency against lower placed opponents and although Crystal Palace have had some good results recently are finding it difficult to score away from home. 

Handicap Bet

Arsenal (-2) goals and to win is 5.00 so if Arsenal win 3-0, 4-0, 4-1 or 5-2 the bet is a win.

Double Result

Arsenal to be winning at half time and to win the game after Full time is 2.45

Premier League week 20 matches kick off time

Tuesday 26th December
Tottenham Hotspur 12:30 Southampton
Bournemouth 15:00 West Ham United
Chelsea 15:00 Brighton&Hove Albion
Huddersfield Town 15:00 Stoke City
Manchester United 15:00 Burnley
Watford 15:00 Leicester City
West Fromwich Albion 15:00 Everton
Liverpool 17:30 Swansea City
Wednesday 27th December
Newcastle United 19:45 Manchester City
Thursday 28th December
Crystal Palace 20:00 Arsenal

*UK Time

William Hill
All odds are from William Hill. wishes you a very Merry Christmas and good luck with whatever bets you choose for week 20 of the Premier League season!

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