Super Bowl LII (52nd) 2018 Betting Guide – Markets, odds, and betting tips

Super Bowl LII betting guide

What is the “Super Bowl”?

The “Super Bowl” is the “final” of the American Football Leagues. It is played between the AFC (American Football Conference) champions and the NFC (National Football Conference) champions. It is the most popular single sporting event in the U.S.

When and where is the game?

The 2018 game will be played on Sunday February 4th at 18.30 Eastern Time at the U.S. bank stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota (home of the Minnesota Vikings).

Who is playing?

New England Patriots vs Philadelphia Eagles (or) Philadelphia Eagles @ New England Patriots

Note: For betting purposes New England Patriots are the “Home” team and Philadelphia Eagles are the “Away” team.

What are the Super Bowl statistics for both teams?

The New England Patriots have won five Super Bowls 2001 (36), 2003 (38), 2004 (39), 2014 (49), 2016 (51). They have been in the final eight times. The Philadelphia Eagles have never won the Super Bowl. They have been in the final twice.

What betting markets are available?

The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event in the U.S. so there is huge gambling interest in the game. There are many betting markets that include match betting, individual betting and statistics betting. Because the game is divided into four quarters (and, of course, two halves) there are also a lot of markets available for each quarter (and, of course, for each half).

Please see below for popular, common and “special” bets that are available with (approximate) odds for the Super Bowl final. Recommended bets are given as **

Match Bets

To Win / Lose:

Game Result Money Line (Win / Lose – no tie)

Philadelphia Eagles @ 2.80**
New England Patriots @ 1.45

1st Half Result Money Line

Philadelphia Eagles @ 2.65
New England Patriots @ 1.83

1st Half Result (with the tie)

Philadelphia Eagles @ 2.70
New England Patriots @ 1.60
Draw @ 8.50

Note: 2nd Half and 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th quarter markets are also available for Money Line and Result bets – check individual online gambling websites for odds.

Game Result Spread (Handicap) + / – 5 points – Philadelphia start with a 5 point “lead”. So if Philadelphia lose by less than 5 points, or draw, or win then the bet is counted as a “win” for Philadelphia. If New England win by 6 or more points the bet is a win for New England.

Philadelphia (+5) @ 1.91**
New England Patriots (-5) @ 1.91

1st Half Result Spread (Handicap) + / – 3 points

Philadelphia (+3) @ 1.91
New England Patriots (-3) @ 1.91

Double Result – A “double” bet – After the First Half Team A is winning, losing or drawing and after the Second Half Team A wins, loses, draws.

Patriots / Patriots @1.75
Patriots / Eagles @ 9.00**
Draw / Patriots @ 13.00
Eagles / Eagles @ 3.75
Eagles / Patriots @ 7.50
Draw / Eagles @ 17.00

Individual Bets

First Touchdown Scorer (Last Touchdown Scorer odds are the same as First Touchdown Scorer)

Rob Gronkowski (Patriots) @ 8.00
Dion Lewis (Patriots) @ 9.00
Zak Ertz (Eagles) @ 13.00
Jay Ajayi (Eagles) @ 15.00
No Touchdown Scorer @ 201.00 (for fun!)**

Anytime Touchdown Scorer

Rob Gronkowski (Patriots) @ 1.91
Dion Lewis (Patriots) @ 2.25
Zak Ertz (Eagles) @ 2.75
Jay Ajayi (Eagles) @ 3.00

MVP – Most Valuable Player

Tom Brady (Patriots Quarter Back) @ 1.57
Rob Gronkowski (Patriots Tight End) @ 17.00
Nick Foles (Eagles Quarter Back) @ 4.50**
Jay Ajayi (Eagles Running Back) @ 17.00

Team Bets

1st Team Touchdown

New England @ 1.61 **
Philadelphia @ 2.10
No Touchdown 31.00

1st Team to Turnover

New England @ 2.05**
Philadelphia @ 1.75
No Turnover 15.00

Philadelphia Team Defensive Touchdowns

0 @ 1.05
1 @ 7.50
2+ @ 26.00

New England Defensive Touchdowns

0 @ 1.08
1 @ 6.50
2+ @ 26.00

Double bet of “1” of each team. **

Team with Most Punts

New England @ 3.20
Philadelphia @ 1.83

Team with Most Turnovers

New England @ 2.60
Philadelphia @ 2.15
Tie 3.80

Statistic Bet Markets

Total Match Points

Over (+) 48 @ 1.91
Under (-) 48 @ 1.91**

Note: The most common total score is 41, the second most common is 44. The average score total is 43.06. See for more information.

Odd / Even

Odd @ 1.70
Even @ 2.05**

Remember – Odd + Odd = Even / Even + Even = Even and Odd + Even = Odd

First Half Total Points

Over (+) 24 @ 2.00
Under 24 (-) @ 1.83

Second Half Total Points

Over (+) 23.5 @ 1.80
Under 23.5 (-) @ 1.95

1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th quarter markets are also available for total point bets – check individual online gambling websites for odds.

1st Scoring Play – Which team will score first and by which method?

New England Touchdown @ 2.50
Philadelphia Touchdown @ 3.10
New England Field Goal @ 4.50
Philadelphia Field Goal @ 4.80**
New England Safety @ 67.00
Philadelphia Safety @ 67.00


Will there be a safety?

Yes 15.00
No 1.02

Note: A safety is when a player with the ball is tackled in his own end zone or when a foul is committed by the offense in their own end zone. They are the most uncommon method of scoring. A safety occurs on average every 14.31 games.

Will there be “overtime”?

Yes 12.00**
No 1.02

Note: Only one Super Bowl game has had overtime – last year’s (Super Bowl 51, 2017)

In-game Betting

There is also “Live” betting available – please check these changing odds as the game is played and in between the quarters and halves.

Where can I bet?

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events in the world, so all online bookmakers which are not only US-based websites but also European, Asian sites offer a lot of betting odds. However, of course, the markets(types of betting odds) and prices are not same. It depends on bookies. Hence, if you want to bet on statistics markets or individual players markets especially, we recommend that using William Hill that offers quite many odds. On the other hand, if you are looking for the highest value odds for match result or over/under, check out the Pinnacle.

We hope that you win.
Good Luck!

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