Tennis Betting Odds Explained -Pre Match & Pre Tournament

Tennis Odds Explained

Like the online soccer betting markets for leagues, cups and individual matches, tennis also has a large number of sub-markets that you can gamble on.

There are both pre-tournament markets and match bet markets that are popular with on-line gambling punters. Of course, the number one or two players in the world will generally be the favorites for each tournament and in every match they play but there is value to be found in all the markets – especially if you are following some of the lower ranked players.

Pre-tournament Betting

The most popular and common on-line betting pre-tournament markets for tennis are:

Tournament Winner – Who will win the tournament?
Tournament Winner Each Way – Who will finish first or second?
To reach round “x” – How far in the tournament will the player go? The 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, Quarter-final, Semi-final, Final?
Specials – There are many specials offered for pre-tournaments, especially the Grand Slam tournaments.

See the following list for some of the recent “2016 U.S. Open” tennis specials:

An American to win the title – 33/1
Novak Djokovic to lose in the first round – 201/1
A “top four” player to win the tournament – 1/10
An “outside the top four” player to win the tournament – 5/1
Any player to win this year’s final from 2 sets down – 20/1
The Men’s final to have a 5th set tie break – 10/1
Any player to win the 2016 title without dropping a set – 10/1
Serena Williams to equal Navratilova’s record in the 2016 US Open – 1/5
Serena Williams to equal Federer’s record in the 2016 US Open – 1/5

Pre-match betting

If you want to make bets during the tournament on individual matches then you may be interested in two different sub-markets. The first is the markets which focus on the winner and the results, for example – Nadal wins 2-0. The second focuses on the statistics of the outcome of the match, for example – How many games will be played?

The most popular and common on-line betting pre-match markets for tennis are:

Match – Win / Lose – A standard win / lose bet between two singles players or two doubles pairs.
Correct Score Set – This is when you want to bet on the correct score of the match.

For example:

Murray Wins 2-0 7/2 Nadal Wins 2-0 5/4
Murray Wins 2-1 4/1 Nadal Wins 2-1 11/4

Correct Score Game – This is when you want to bet on the correct score of the set.

For example: Nadal wins the first set 7-6 or 7-5 or 6-4, etc.

To win the first set – a standard bet where you choose who you think will win the first set.

For example: Murray 6/5 Nadal 8/13

To win the first set and win the match – This is when you think that if Player wins the first set they will also win the match. – Usually Shorter odds
To lose the first set and win the match – This is when you think Player A will lose the first set but will still win the match – Usually Longer odds
To win the first set and lose the match – This is when you think Player A will win the first set but still lose the match – Medium to long odds
To win at least one set – If you don’t want to risk the bet for the overall win you may want to gamble on the player just winning one set in the match.
Total match sets – How many sets do you think will be played? – 2 or 3 (in a standard tournament match) 3, 4, or 5 (in a Grand Slam Tournament match)
Total match games – In this market you can guess how many games you think will be played – will it be a “whitewash” (6-0, 6-0) or will it be a 3 hour thriller (13-11, 17-15)?
Total match games odd / even – Will the total number of the match games finish “odd” (37, 39, 41, 43, 45, etc.) or “even” (36, 38, 40, 42, 44, etc. – Odd 10/11 Even 10/11
Handicaps – Some bookmakers also offer handicap match betting where the players are mis-matched in terms of their world rankings.

Spread Betting?

Some online-bookmakers also offer “spread” betting markets. The most common one is how many games will be played in total. Generally the bookmakers will choose a number of games that they think will be played during the match.

For example:

The bookmaker offers +/- 40 games to be played in total. Then you decide if you think there will be more or less than 40 games played in the match. Then you decide how much money per game you want to gamble. For example, if you think that 50 games will be played then you would choose “+40”. Then you need to choose how much you want to gamble. Let’s say you want to gamble $10 per game. So if the total games in the match finish at “50” then you would win $10 for EVERY game above “40” so…

50-40 = 10+ games x $10 = Win $100

but if the total of games played is 35 then you would lose…

35-40 = -5 games x $10 = Lose $50

Spread betting can be both highly profitable but also very risky. Approach with caution until you build more confidence.


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